PRIMUS Sterilizer


PRIMUS knows that the key to achieving high sterilizer uptime and a low total cost of ownership is properly trained operating and maintenance technicians.

PRIMUS has an established corporate objective aimed at ensuring that all personnel who operate and maintain PRIMUS steam sterilizers are fully qualified to do so through formal factory and field training.

PRIMUS Steam Sterilizer School

To help meet this objective, PRIMUS offers a three-day Steam Sterilizer School several times a year at our Corporate Training Center in Omaha, Nebraska. The curriculum is taught by senior engineering and service associates whose cumulative steam sterilization experience exceeds forty years.

The course is designed to prepare PRIMUS Authorized Service Agents (ASA) and end user maintenance technicians to recognize deviations from the sterilizer designed state and return the unit to a normal status as quickly as possible.

In-Service Operating Technician Training

Formal operating technician training is provided with every new steam sterilizer installation. The training is normally provided by a PRIMUS ASA. Each attending student should receive a hard or soft copy of the training materials for future reference and self-study.  These materials will be provided by the ASA conducting the training.

Did You Know? Weekly Bulletins

Each Wednesday morning, PRIMUS publishes via e-mail a short training and general information bulletin.  The Did You Know? bulletins are designed to be useful to a broad range of PRIMUS distributors, service technicians, and end users.

Topics are typically derived from the PRIMUS Customer Service Call Log (CSCL), suggestions from the field, supplier reviews, internal and external audits, and other items of general interest.

All DYK bulletins are also available on the PRIMUS website.

Special Training Classes

Training classes for specific end user customers can also be arranged by contacting Dave Schall, PRIMUS Director of Sales, Service, and Aftermarket, at (402) 344-4200 Ext. 1212.