PRIMUS Sterilizer


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The Top Loading Autoclave is available in three sizes. Standard features make the units suitable for steriliing media, discard, glassware and other instruments.

Offering increased sizing compared to the "Compact" autoclaves, the top loading autoclave features advaced options not available on smaller size autoclaves, including Heated Jackets, Integral Steam Generators, simple/.Advanced Vacuum and Cooling options.

These options allow the Top Loading autoclave to be tailored to the nees of the customer by speeding up cooling, dealing with liquids, porous-type loads and allowing a wider range of items to be efficiently processed.

Top Loading Models

      UMA250 Heaters in Chamber 3.36 cu ft/95 liters
      UMA260* Heaters in Chamber 4.24 cu ft/120 liters
      UMA270* Heaters in chamber 4.78 cu ft/ 135 liters
     *Optional Integral Steam Generator available

Standard Features

  • A 5.7" color touchscreen with integrated USB Port
  • Delayed start and a media holdwarm feature for greater control over whenyou want to sterilize
  • Safety: Over temperature prorotection, an external pressure gauge, a cooling lock, a safety valve test program and an emergency stop button
  • Validation port, drain valve and an electroploished stainless steel chamber
  • Casto mounted for ease of movement
  • Time/Pulsed Freesteaming
  • Full range of options and accessories are avaliable

Bottle Capacity

Bottle capacity is based on Duran Bottles. the number in brackets indicates
the number of stainless steel baskets required.

 Model No. 500ml  1000ml  2000ml 
 UMA250 30 (2)  10 (1)  5 (1) 
 UMA260 30 (2)  20 (2)*  10 (2)* 
 UMA270  45 (3) 20 (2)*   10(2)*

 *The Duran Bottle height exceeds the basket height, in this configuration
the second basket will rest on top of the bottles in the lower basket.