PRIMUS Sterilizer


The Front Loading "Swiftlock" autoclave is available in five sizes,
 MG 4948BC edit with shadowproviding a larger capacity than the top loading range. Teh "Swiftlock" provides easy loading access and a greater choic of options available than the smaller ranges.

Front Loading "Swiftlock" Models

     UMB260 4.24 cu ft/120 liters
     UMB270 5.40 cu ft/153 liters
     UMB280 8.72 cu ft/247 liters
     UMB290 10.24 cu ft/290 liters
     UMB300 12.15 cu ft/344 liters
     All models have heaters in chamber

Standard features include:

  • A 5.7" color touchscreen with integrated USB data port
  • Delayed start and media holdwarm feature for greater control over when you want to sterilize
  • Safety: Over-temperature protection, an external pressure gauge, a cooling lock, a safety valve test program and an emergency stop
  • Validation port, drain valve, and an electropolished stainless steel chamber
  • safe and easy loading, plus Astell'sunique "Swiftlock" door closure system
  • Time/Pulsed Freesteaming
  • Full range of options and accessories available

Bottle Capacity

Bottle capacity based on Duran bottles using the standard base self.
The numbers in brackets indicates quantity of extra bottles if an optional additional
center shelf is ordered.

Model No. 500ml 1000ml 2000ml
UMB260 24 18 8
UMB270 33 23 11
UMB280 41 (+9) 28(+4) 15
UMB290 50 (+11) 32(+4) 18
UMB300 63 (+14) 42 (+6) 23