PRIMUS Sterilizer
PRIMUS Sterilizer Helps Fight Ebola


At the UNMC Biocontainment Unit, the hospital employed a PRIMUS steam sterilizer in the isolation suite to ensure only sterile materials exited the room.

During the period Dr. Sacra was isolated, PRIMUS provided sterilization consultation to the hospital. The PRIMUS sterilizer provided the UNMC Biocontainment Unit the ability to sterilize the waste on-site where the medical care was being provided. The sterilizer alleviated the risk to healthcare workers and other patients that could occur if unsterilized hazardous waste was stored until it was processed by the facility or a third party contractor.

View NBC Nightly News article about the UNMC Biocontainment Unit  to learn more about the PRIMUS sterilizer used in the care of the two Ebola patients.


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