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PRIMUS Launches New Website

PRIMUS is pleased to announce that our new website was launched on May 1, 2012.

 The site is designed to allow customers to quickly find and download the information they need for project planning and implementation. The site also incorporates many features to minimize the time and effort required to do business with PRIMUS.

 The website can be found at

 The many exciting new features include:

 Online Parts Ordering

 A fully functional online store where all spare parts can be ordered efficiently and with the assurance that you will receive exactly what you need.  The majority of parts are pictorially represented so you can verify the parts you will receive before you order. 

"Build a Sterilizer" Feature

 You can now "build" the steam sterilizer you need online.  The feature selection form submitted via the website allows PRIMUS to quickly quote on your needs and get your project underway with minimal investment of your time and resources.  This efficient and effective way to quote and order your sterilizer is the first step in PRIMUS helping you lower your total cost of ownership.

 You can also use online documents to build a controls kit.

 Service or Information

Requesting service is easy through the website with the online form. Complete the form and it will be sent to our service department for immediate follow-up.

 If you have questions or need other assistance, you also can complete the Contact PRIMUS form. Simply list your questions and receive a response via the method you select as best way to contact you with the information or answers to your questions.

Sterilizer Technical Documentation

 The website now contains the technical information and general arrangement drawings architects, designers, and engineers need to plan and implement their projects. Technical data is segregated by market type and sterilizer size so customers can quickly get to the information they need.

Detailed information is also available for several PRIMUS optional features such as the Pri-EGreen Conservation System, steam generators, and control upgrade kits.

 Enhanced General Information

 The PRIMUS weekly Did You Know? technical and general information bulletins are now available online.  Current PRIMUS Steam Sterilizer School information and registration forms are also posted.

 Your Feedback

 PRIMUS would like to hear your opinions about our new site.  Both positive comments as well as how we can do better would be appreciated.  Please send your comments to Connie Mansfield at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Connie will make sure your feedback is recorded and covered with the PRIMUS leadership team.